What You Can Do

we cannot help ourselves without helping others.
We cannot enrich our lives without enriching others.
We cannot prosper without bringing prosperity to others.
– Janette Cole, Spell-man College.

Mode of Helps / Sponsorship

“Sensitivity to the needy is the thermometer of our love.”
You can help in any way if you have a desire for these undesired angels. Your help can be of
One-time gift/ Monthly/ Yearly/ Life-time

  • Sponsorship a child for complete education
  • Sponsorship for tuition fees to a child
  • Sponsorship for food and clothes to a child
  • Sponsorship for Annai Home for children in common
  • Becoming Member of Annai Home Helping Hand Association for Children


Calvin Coolidge says,

“No person was ever honored for what he received.
Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”

Thanks be to God for the wonders! What does it mean? The unplanned event of rising an association called Helping Hands Association by different people from different parts of the state. To be brief, there are hundreds of orphans and semi-orphan children are loved and cared by Annai Home for Children. Many people had heard about this Home, Some had visited this Home of unprivileged angels and still Others had experienced in their own places. These people of heart of flesh came forward and expressed their inner longing and irresistible desire to join their hands to help the children in the possible ways known to them. Thus came to be the Annai Home Helping Hands Association in existence. As wisely guided by the director of Annai Home for Children the people of loving heart joined their hands and saved minimum of 1000 rupees per year from their pocket. However minimum this played maximized role in the lives of these poor children. Thus, this association is on the rise.

Now this association has created a common account where people of kind heart deposit their money for these unprivileged children. They have an association meeting twice a year. Members are invited and they share their experience. They strive together in discovering possibilities to help these needy children. The beauty of this association is: the association is the pure effort of the good souls to light the bright future in the socio-economically unwanted children, and the members of the association try all the possible ways to bring more people into the association and thus they save a place in heaven for them and their generation.

Many of us know about these unwanted children, not yet helped
Many of us have seen them, not yet helped
Many of us have the resources to help, yet not know the ways
Many of us have the resources to help, yet ignore the opportunity
Only few of us feel the need and help
Now the question is who helps?
Are you ready to join the blessed few to help the unwanted angels?

Our Thanks To…


“Riches are a blessing only for those who make them a blessing to others.”

Someone beautifully puts it, “Do what you can with what you have where you are.” It is our pleasure and privilege to gratefully remember those generous hearts, who render their steadfast love, selfless service and continuous support in terms of money, gifts and guidance. Our indelible experience is that “Charity is twice blessed – it blesses the one who gives and the one who receives.” Let us continue to be on a mission of spreading worldwide the joy of serving these undesired angels. Remember, “The greatest reward for serving others is the unique satisfaction it offers you.”

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