Our Activities

“Character cannot be purchased, bargained for, inherited, rented or imported from afar. It must be homegrown.” Thus, we aim at the overall growth of the children and help them become the whole person by giving them formation at different levels.

  • Education
    Wills Durant says, “Sixty years ago, I knew everything; now I know nothing; education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.” Knowing the unique caliber of each child we help them choose what they can strive forward. They are very serious and hardworking. In fact, they do wonders.
  • Discipline Formation
    Theodore Roosevelt says, “to educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” Disciplined life is the first step to be fully human and fully alive. Our children respect and follow the rules and regulation of the home. 
  • Spiritual formation
    Every child knows that the homily life they experience is the gracious gift of God. so they pray to God before begin any activity. They have regular prayer timing and spiritual activities. Above all they thank God for the wonderful life and the gift of generous hearten sponsors
  • Psychological education
    “Impossibilities are merely things, which we have not yet learned.” Children are helped to grow in self-esteem and behave in a matured way. They are highly motivated and march towards their goals confidently. If needed they are given Counseling as well. 
  • Physical education
    Besides their physical activities in the school, children enjoy enough time in playing outdoor games such as football, shuttlecock, skipping, and ring ball, go-go and local games. They are engaged indoor games like Chess, carom and local games. 
  • Working in the garden
    Born of Tamilnadu, India most of the children are from agricultural background and they are interested in gardening. They give their helping hands in watering and pruning the garden. In fact they enjoy doing it. 
  • Health care education
    Children are given proper health care. They were taught first-aid methods and basic health care tips. They keep their places neat and tidy. 
  • Cultural Activities
    On important occasions, children prepare nice cultural programs like dance, skit, drama and jokes and on. It is a time to discover their talents. Some of the children participate in the competition in district level and get prizes. 
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