“Whether I like it or not, I am on this planet and it is far better to do something for humanity.”

ANNAI HOME FOR CHILDREN is an orphanage home for the poor, the orphan, abandoned, semi-orphan and the destitute children of the society and was established on third June 2006. Annai Home for Children is situated at Annai Nagar, Andichioorani near Kalayarkoil in Sivagangai district, Tamilnadu, India. The institution owns totally 7 acres of land. Besides the buildings, the land is used to cultivate fresh vegetables for the children.

ANNAI HOME is run by a Trust named “PEOPLE’S SERVICE TRUST. At present, Annai Home accommodates 256, giving preference to the most needy and the desired ones. For their education, these children go to nearby schools for their primary, secondary, higher secondary schools and to the college. Their basic need such as food, clothing and shelter and education are offered to these children. They are paid for food, clothes, education, medical care and personal needs.

The GOAL of this institution is to provide for these “unfortunate children” a bright future and a peaceful day today life. These children are looked after by a well-equipped group of persons composed of the Director, five prepared persons (teachers, warden, nurse…), two persons to cook for them, a driver to accompany the children to the schools and a watchman to grantee their security and the safe running of the institution, especially during the night hours.

The PROGRAMME of a day is the following: They wake up at 05.00 A.M. After the washing, they gather for prayer at 05.30, followed by a period of time for personal studies and the preparation for school. The breakfast is at 07.30 and they prepare themselves to go to school by our bus. They too are provided with lunch for the day. At their return from the school, they have ample time to play and to relax after which they begin the evening study, followed by a short evening prayer and the dinner is at 08.00 P.M After the dinner they have enough time for recreation followed by personal study until they go to bed.

There is also a provision that once a month the relatives, guardians (and parents) are invited to meet their children and to cultivate a healthy relationship.

With this few information, we are glad to solicit your generous help/ sponsorship and encouragement.

The children to be admitted in the Home:

  • Orphan children (both parents died)
  • Abandoned children (both parents abandoned)
  • Semi-orphan children (one parent died)
  • Most destitute children“We increase our responsibility when we increase our sense of accountability to God. God cares for people through people.”
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