Education is primary need of every child born on earth. The question of love, care, justice, equality becomes the reality of daily living through education. Thus through the education we establish rather make realize love, care, justice and equality in the lives of these unwanted angels. Here are the ways of education-process in the lives of the unwanted angels of the world but the beloved angels of God.

  • I- Grade to XII- Grade education
  • College (University) education
  • Professional education (Nursing, Teacher Training, Computer training (IT), Business administration etc…)

The children can choose their desired subject of study, which fits their intellectual caliber and is useful for their happy future life. They are given full love and care unto the completion of their study and getting the desired job. Still a step ahead, as you know, whether like it or not facing with burden of dowry is a stark reality for every girl child in India. Therefore, when our Girls are getting married, they were helped to meet the harsh reality of dowry. Why we do this is, delving deep into the reality of life we can understand that it can be a final education, we can give, for their life.

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