Cared Children

“Compassion that knows others at all levels of their suffering tries to serve them at all levels of their need.” As Helen Keller says, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or event touched. They must be felt with the heart “, feeling one with our children and Sponsors we never let them feel unwelcome.

The children to be admitted in the Home:

  • Orphan children (both parents died)
  • Abandoned children (both parents abandoned)
  • Semi-orphan children (one parent died)
  • Most destitute children

The children can choose their desired subject of study, which fits their intellectual caliber and is useful for their happy future life. They are given full love and care unto the completion of their study and getting the desired job. Still a step ahead, as you know, whether like it or not facing with burden of dowry is a stark reality for every girl child in India. Therefore, when our Girls are getting married, they were helped to meet the harsh reality of dowry. Why we do this is, delving deep into the reality of life we can understand that it can be a final education, we can give, for their life.

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